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Pick Box Week Four

Frog Song Organic gave us another watermelon, red onions, amaranth, lemon basil, Malabar spinach, cucumbers, and okra. Stay tuned for recipes.


Caprese Salad

Caprese salad
Bethany makes the caprese.

The tomatoes are so delicious, they work well in a simple caprese salad. When we have large slicing tomatoes I like to match them with sliced mozzarella. But in this case, Bethany mixed them with Mozzarita’s ┬áciliegine (out of Pompano Beach, FL and sold by Wholefoods) and the lemon basil from Frog Song. Not quite the right basil. A bit too harsh, but that is the pleasure of CSA, you use what you have. She finished it with some lovely Hojiblanca olive oil from Ancient Olive.